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Who is Away Travel?

Away is a start up created by two friends with an obsession for travel and a common understanding of the frustration of finding decent quality luggage without an excessive price tag. What they have managed to achieve since launching in 2015 has been incredible. Simple, elegant, sturdy and by cutting out the middle man (department stores etc) very well priced.

Below is my review and thoughts on Away and their luggage set. I hope you find it useful.

Product: Away Travel Luggage Set

Price: Ranging from USD $195 for the kids’ size to USD $295 for the standard range

Where to Buy: Away Travel

Guarantee: The suitcases have a limited Lifetime warranty for damage to the shell, wheels, handles and zippers. Electronic components are covered by a 2-year warranty.

My rating: 4.5/5

Away Travel is found on every list I have come across for best luggage and all over Instagram and it is not hard to see why!

Available in 8 practical sizes (including a kids’ sized carry-on), along with matching bags and packing organisers, you can truly build a personal, complete luggage set that suits you and has been designed to maximise space, strength and utility in an elegant style that will not date. It is actually truly incredible how much you can fit into any of their bags.


The design of Away’s luggage collection is sleek, elegant and subtle. Made from ultra hard poly-carbonate, each piece is designed to go together, no matter which pieces you mix-and-match with. The range of colours also seem to have been chosen for maximum versatility in mind, as they are not loud or bright, but instead are clean and subtle.

Even the backpacks, tote bags and weekenders go together and slide easily over the telescopic handles of the hard side luggage. Every big of space is maximised without making anything look bulky or heavy.

Each case also comes with a built in compression board and a laundry bag that expands, as well as a leather luggage tag. For a small extra charge you can add up to 3 letters onto the side of your case and the leather tag (always helpful for helping your set stand out!).


The range from Away is something I am truly impressed with… there are 8 different sizes of the hard shell cases, 2 types of backpacks, 2 types of tote bags and 2 types of weekender bags.

Without overwhelming their customers, they have still managed to provide an impressive and classic range of luggage to suit most people. The bags are sleek and minimalist in solid colours, but you can always personalise them with bag tags or even a scarf tied around the handle if you feel like they need a bit of a pop added.

The Latitude Tote by Away Travel
The Latitude Tote by Away Travel


The carry-on sized cases all have the option to come with a removable battery or not. Though some of the limited edition designs do not give you a choice, as they only come without the battery. The batteries are compliant with all airline policies and are TSA approved, with an average charge of about 5 times (depending on the device).

Away Travel Luggage Set
Charger port hidden under the handle of an Away suitcase

Away also have their own bag tag x tile, which is a Bluetooth tracker that fits neatly into a specially designed leather luggage tag. All you need to do is download the app, and pair it via Bluetooth to the tile. You can set it up to send you push alerts if it goes too far, and even see the last known location of your bag.

The one downside to the tile is that if you don’t have Bluetooth activated or have no signal, it will not work (which is the same issue with any tracking device for luggage), but on the upside it is supposed to last about a year without charging, and you can use it with any bag or item that you are worried about losing!


Where to Buy

You can buy Away luggage online through their dedicated site here:, or in person in small number of locations across the US and in London. They offer a 100 day return policy, with free return shipping in the US. Though I highly doubt anyone would want to return theirs once they have tried them out!

The Pieces I Love

My top two pieces I love from Away are the Kids carry-on and the carry-on with pocket.

The Kids one is a fantastic idea to help them feel included and ‘just like mum/dad’ (and honestly as a kid, all I wanted was to have whatever mum had!)

The carry-on with a pocket is a very clever idea, while the pocket is made from fabric and not poly-carbonate shell, it does allow for quick access to the laptop sleeve (which fits up to 15″) and any documents etc. that you need to take out when going through customs or checking into your hotel. Which is a massive time saver right there. It does come at an extra cost though, and the colour range is not as good as the main line. In time though I am hopeful that will change.


Away is definitely on my wish list. I love that the entire range is designed to go together, is super strong with heaps of extra little features hidden away. I also love that the range has been made with the frequent traveller in mind, the wheels are strong and durable, the cases are lightweight yet extremely sturdy and the ejectable battery lasts up to 5 charges.

Even though there are suitcases with a lot more tech included (such as motors and location trackers), they are not really needed. I am more than happy with just the ejectable battery, especially as power is the one thing that there never seems to be enough of, especially as we rely more and more on our phones and tablets.

While not the most expensive brand out there, it is also not the cheapest, however, all considered this is a brand that is selling itself on the strength, style and durability of its designs. So I have no doubt that it will indeed be money well spent.



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My Review of Away Travel Luggage
Away Travel Luggage Review


  1. Away looks like a really cool brand. I like their sleek and simplistic designs. The luggage tag with a built-in tile sounds like a really cool idea. I also like the idea of the removable battery! That could be handy for charging your phone while waiting at the airport. I actually just bought new luggage but when it’s run its course I’ll definitely check out Away again. Thanks for the review.

    • Gigi Reply

      Hey Sam, thanks for the comment and reading! Definitely give Away a look when you are in the market for new luggage.

  2. Hello, Your review is very helpful for me. I am planning to buy  Away travel smart Luggage. The design of Away’s luggage collection is sleek, elegant and subtle. Made from ultra hard polycarbonate, each piece is designed to go together, no matter which pieces we mix-and-match with. I love the entire range but I will buy Away – The Bigger Carry-On with Pocket. I think it is very suitable for a family.

    • Gigi Reply

      Hi Bai, thank you for your comments. The Away collection is very attractive and strong, and very easy to mix and match. The Bigger Carry-on with Pocket is very useful to fit everything needed for a family during a flight. 

  3. Hey, the Away Kids carry on is really lovely, I bought this for my son’s 5th birthday. He loves it. He can carry it himself and has no difficulty rolling the luggage when we load and unload the car. Everything fits perfectly inside it. The handling is good and doesn’t scratch easily. We love this. It’s a good buy. 

    • Gigi Reply

      Hey Patrick, that is amazing to hear! I’m glad you found it to be a good investment and that your son can easily manage it himself.

  4. Hey, I found your article is very useful for everyone like me. The Away Travel smart Luggage is awesome, one of our friends have a set and love them! Now I know while reading the carry-on with a pocket is a very clever idea, while the pocket is made from fabric and not polycarbonate shell, it does allow for quick access to the laptop sleeve and any documents. Thanks for your perfect suggestion.

    • Gigi Reply

      Hey Lalita, yes the pocket is from fabric and not polycarbonate shell but that just allows greater flexibility. It is more for documents and quick grab things than full storage though. Good to hear your friends love their set, hopefully you will get one too 🙂

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