Jane de Teliga had it all – a glamorous and fulfilling career as style director for Australia’s best-loved magazine, a happy family life and a beautiful home in Sydney’s stunning eastern suburbs. But when empty nest syndrome struck, she suddenly found herself wondering what it all meant. Who was she when she wasn’t being defined by her career and motherhood? To find out, she did what many people long to do – sold the house, left her job and went to try her luck in Paris. Along the way she discovered meditation, yoga and the inescapable truth of the Buddhist saying: ‘Everywhere you go, there you are’. 

From her beginnings in the art world to her current work teaching and inspiring the next generation of fashion stylists, Jane has led a rich and varied life. This memoir, beautifully illustrated with photographs from Jane’s life in fashion and her travels, is the story of one woman’s journey from the heady world of fashion to a simpler and happier existence – the story of a woman taking a step into the unknown and finding herself in the process.

Title: Running Away From Home: Finding a new life in Paris, London and Beyond
Author: Jane de Teliga
ISBN/ASIN: 1921383224
Published by: Penguin Randomhouse Australia
Genres: Memoir, Travel Biography
Pages: 288
Published Date: 27 August 2014
Good Reads Review Score: 3.24
Buy from: Amazon or Book Depository

Running away from home by Jane de Teliga

Some of my favourite books are the ones about moving to foreign cities and starting a new life, so when I saw the title ‘Running Away From Home’ I picked it up without a second thought.

‘Running away from home’ is a light easy memoir about a woman with everything, taking a giant leap of faith and letting it all go. Jane goes from having a glamourous job, a beautiful home, access to celebrities and fashion, and two full grown daughters to financial insecurity and foreign countries.

Paris and London ended up being the main locations that Jane travelled to, and there are plenty of tips on what to see and do, along with some of the culture shocks that Jane experienced in which was both entertaining and useful to know.

While Jane’s story was not as in-depth as I would have preferred for someone making such a massive life changing decision, it was still interesting and entertaining to read. Though if you are not a fan of name-dropping and humble brags then this book may not be for you.

The photography and layout are beautiful, so for that reason I would recommend reading the hardcover version instead of Kindle, so you do not miss the visual aspect. Perfect for a lazy afternoon snuggled into a couch.

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Running away from home by Jane de teliga book review

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