Wander Love: Lessons, Tips and Inspiration from a Solo Traveller

Aubrey Daquinag has spent the last few years making the world her office, documenting her experiences on her blog, The Love Assembly. Her book Wander Love will help you gear up for your next vacation or travel adventure.
Featuring amazing photographs from locations around the world, there’s also practical information and advice including how to pack your bag, how to travel solo and how to barter like a boss. You’ll also find destination guides to cities from six different continents.
Be inspired to climb that mountain, learn that language, write that blog – anything that you’ve been wanting to do. Right after you finish reading this book.

Title: Wander Love
Author: Aubrey Daquinag
ISBN/ASIN: 174117550X
Published by Hardie Grant Travel
Genres: Travel Guides, Solo Travel, General Travel
Pages: 240
Published Date: 1 April 2018
Good Reads Review Score: 4.3
Buy from: Amazon
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Wander Love – the title says it all. Aubrey Daquinag is a successful travel blogger, photographer and digital nomad, and this is her guide on how to navigate solo travel and travel blogging.

“Travel to connect, explore and learn. Choose to live creatively and curiously, and take the path towards your dreams. And always, always, pack dancing shoes.”

I came across this book in my local library, and was drawn to the stunning photos and easy to read layout. When I started reading the introduction I was immediately drawn to the author, she is definitely a traveller after my own heart! Aubrey’s experiences and views resonated, especially as I could relate to a number of her experiences during solo travel.

“We are drawn either to familiar people and places which we can relate to, or to those about which we know nothing – and desire to find out more”

The book is written in a conversational style which makes it a very easy read as Aubrey’s personality really shines through.

Wander Love by Aubrey Daquinag

Each section is set out in a logical order for planning and preparing for travel:

                    1. The Love Assembly: A wanderful world
                    2. The Stages of Travel
                    3. Wander Love Destination Guides
                    4. Market Love: Treasure Hunting on your travels
                    5. The truth about travel: life lessons from solo travel
                    6. The Philosophy of travel

Whether you have travelled solo or are considering it, there is a lot to learn from this book. Lessons, tips and inspiration are scattered throughout, along with important reminders on self-care and self-worth. Aubrey encourages us to consider our dreams and goals without being pushy or condescending.

Of course, there is a dedicated section to style on the road and how to pack for different destinations, with important reminders that we can still look good even when living out of a backpack. There is even a small section dedicated to the guys as well.

I really liked the photography section, where Aubrey covers everything from finding the right light to finding insta-hubby’s on the road to help take the perfect photo.

Wander Love by Aubrey Daquinag

The destination guides

Aubrey includes destination guides to some of her favourite destinations, complete with hotel guides, where to eat, what to do and importantly – what to pack!

Each recommendation reads like a mini review, and you can tell that these are places she genuinely recommends – and as a Melbourne girl who has been to every single recommendation she has listed for Melbourne – I completely agree with her thoughts! And am willing to trust her judgement on the rest of the destinations simply based on that.

Oceania: Melbourne, Australia
Europe: Barcelona, Spain
South America: Cartagena, Colombia
North America: Tulum, Mexico
Africa: Marrakesh, Morocco
Asia: Palawan, The Philippines

There is even a section dedicated to markets around the world and how to barter your way into increasing your luggage weight.

After all the practical aspects of travel are covered, Aubrey goes through a more philosophical stage in Chapter 5. The Truth about Travel.

There are important reminders that apply not just to travel, but to life in general. Topics like Time being out most valuable currency, things are just that – things, and you create your own reality, are well written and important lessons. Often though, we don’t really appreciate these lessons until we live completely out of our comfort zone and away from the safety of our homes and families.

“When you become comfortable with being uncomfortable, you allow yourself to grow.”

Overall, I recommend this book to anyone who has or is contemplating solo travel. Wander Love describes the highs and lows of travelling solo, and how to turn the negative experiences into positive ones, in order to help us grow as a person in an incredible world.

Have you read this book? What were your thoughts?


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