Books are an incredible thing. They offer escape, knowledge, alternative worlds, adventure, romance… absolutely anything you can think of. 

I have lost track over the years of all the books I have read (I used to use an excel spreadsheet to track them all) but no matter where I am I always have a book in my bag – or a kindle when I’m exploring the world!

My favourite genres are travel, historical fiction, paranormal, fantasy, business, dystopian, science fiction and the odd romance (to break things up). 

While I no longer read as voraciously as I did as a teenager, I still find time to escape into a book either to relax or to learn something new.

So here I will be sharing my thoughts and feelings about the books I am currently reading or have recently read, and if you have read any of the same books, then it would be great to hear your thoughts as well.

Biography & Memoirs

Mad Girl by Bryony Gordon

Business & Entrepreneurship



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