The Genius Bloggers Toolkit 2021 My Honest Review and Tips For How to Use

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Genius bloggers toolkit 2021 flash sale

If you are a blogger looking to refine your skills, or even someone thinking about starting a blog but don’t know where to start, t then you might consider purchasing the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit by Ultimate Bundles.

This toolkit is a bundled package full of a great resources at a seriously discounted price. Today I am going to share with you my experience with the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit, and share some of my tips on how to make the most out of your purchase.

What is the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit?

Once a year Ultimate Bundles pulls together a great value bundle of courses, printables, ebooks and more to create the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit .

This package of different blogging resources to help expand your skills and ultimately help you reach your blogging goals. 

This massive bundle is a great resource for any bloggers, both new and experienced, because it is packed full of different blogging related topics. So even if you have been blogging for a few years, there is definitely going to be something here that you might not be aware of.

What is in the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit?

Every year the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is updated with new products, which makes it a great investment as the information inside is fresh and up-to-date.

Last years edition – The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2020 – covered a variety of topics including (but certainly not limited to) building your blog, content creation, affiliate marketing, branding, creating & selling products, email marketing, blog monetization, SEO and social media.

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2021 has 75 different products, ranging from eCourses to eBooks, printables, workbooks and templates. To help you work out whether this bundle is right for you, here are some recommendations based on different stages of blogging.

Best Resources for Brand New Bloggers

If you are thinking about creating a blog, or have just started out on your blogging journey and need help understanding what to do, then these five  resources in the 2021 Genius Blogger’s Toolkit are perfect for you.

                • If you are looking to start a blog, but not sure where to start, then the 30 Days to Blogging Success eCourse by Dale Persons ($97.00 value) will help you grow your new blog step by step.
                • Want to start a blog but struggling to choose a niche? Then the Niche Ninja Mini-Course by Heather Ritchie ($47.00) will help you choose a profitable niche in 5 easy steps.
                • With WordPress as the most popular platform for blogs, it is important to understand how it works and all the in-built tools. The Wicked at WordPress eCourse by Chelsea Clarke ($597.00 value) will help you to feel confident at managing, editing and updating your WordPress site. 
                • If you are struggling to create a brand for your blog, or to define your own personal brand, then The Ultimate Blog Branding Guide eCourse by Lucy Reyes ($37.00 value) is exactly what you need. 
                • Monetization is what helps bloggers continue to do what they love, blogging. But understanding where to start can be a tricky process. The Affiliate Map Printable Workbook by Laura L Marschel ($20.00 value) will help you plan out how how to  affiliate marketing to your blog.

Best Resources for Intermediate Bloggers

Intermediate bloggers could be described as someone who has at least 100 posts on their blog, has some traffic and possibly some affiliate sales already coming through.  They are seeing some progress, but want to take their blog to the next level. So at this point, an intermediate blogger would be focused on growing their blog traffic and income.

Here are some resources included in the toolkit that could be useful for an intermediate blogger.

              • Want to improve your writing to create your best possible content? Then the Fearless Content, 4 week eCourse by Lidiya Kesarovka ($222.00 value) will help you re-organize your blogging business to achieve alignment on your content creation and branding.
              • Effective email marketing is critical to any blogger’s success, so to help you learn how to convert casual blog readers into fans then check out the Email Marketing Jumpstart eCourse by Eb Gargano ($197.00 value)
              • Generating traffic can be a challenge, but the Blog Traffic Hidden Gems eBook by Susan Santoro ($29.99 value) will help you learn how to use submission sites to increase traffic to your blog.
              • Social media is an essential tool to share your content, build engagement and generate sales. Check out The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide by Mariam Chamma ($30.00 value) to learn how to leverage Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog.
              • To be profitable and successful, you need to treat your blog as a business. The Blog Boss System eCourse and Templates by Leanne Scott ($57.00 value) teaches you how to leverage Airtable to plan, manage, organise and track every aspect of your blog.
Partners of the Genius Bloggers Toolkit 2021
Bonus Partners of the Genius Bloggers Toolkit 2021

Best Resources for Advanced Bloggers

Advanced bloggers would be best described as having been blogging for a few years, has significant traffic and is generating regular blog income. What an advanced blogger would be looking for ways to streamline their processes while continuing to scale.

Here are 5 products within the Genius Bloggers Toolkit that would be valuable to an advanced blogger:

              • Blogs need multiple income streams, and that includes creating your own offers. Check out the Fast Offer Frameworks eCourse by Alison Reeves ($97.00 value), which will teach you how to create your own offers.
              • Alternatively you can learn how to create your own printables and digital downloads with the Amplifying Blog Revenue with Printables eBook by Julie Berninger & Cody Berman ($27.00 value). A great way to maximise leads and increase conversions. 
              • Brand Collaborations are an incredible way to increase your social profile, the Confident Brand Collaborations Course by Kelly Ballard ($325.00 value) will teach you proven and effective ways to work with brands through social media.
              • When you are ready to collaborate with and pitch to brands, it is important to understand your blog’s value. The Sponsored Post Pricing Toolkit eCourse by Jasime Watts and Christopher Drown ($64.00 value) will help you get the tools you need to pitch to brands, showcase your value and close the deals for paid sponsored content. 
              • Want to be able to track how effective your images are? The UTM Creation Video & Workbook eCourse by Kate Ahl ($74.00 value) will teach you how to create custom UTM codes for images on your Pinterest posts, and use the data to grow your online business.

How much does the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit cost?

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2021 costs $97 dollars (USD) which includes  52 eCourses, 13 eBooks, 4 templates, 6 printables & workbooks and 1 membership site.

The total value of the bundle this year is listed at $6,309.98, which makes for a great deal. You can also choose to purchase the cheat sheets (additional $50), which are like cliff notes of the various courses. I personally always buy the cheat sheets because they are a quick and easy way to understand what is in each item, which is useful when you are deciding which product to look at next!

When does the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit go on Sale?

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit goes on sale generally twice a year. Each bundle is different from year to year.

The next sale starts on Wednesday 22nd September and finishes on Monday 27th September 2021. You can take advantage of this great deal right now. Click here to learn more.

How do I know whether the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is right for me?

There are a few things to consider before you decide to purchase the Genius Bloggers Toolkit:

                1. What are your goals? Both for you and your blog?
                2. What skills do you need to learn or develop to reach those goals?
                3. Do you have the time, or are you willing to make the time to invest in learning in order to reach those goals?
                4. Do you have the funds to invest at this time?

The only way to grow and improve, is to continue learning which is why investing in education is so important. The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is a fantastic deal, but if you don’t have the funds right now then it can wait until the next time it comes on sale. Likewise, if you have the funds, but not the time to spend on learning and implement important skills to grow your blog then this might not be the right purchase for you right now either.

However, something to keep in mind as well is the value of individual products. If you are only interested in a handful, but their combined individual prices are more then the price of this bundle, then from a savings perspective for $97.00 this bundle is excellent value.

Something else to consider is that there is no time limit on completing the eCourses once you have enrolled in them. It took me over 9 months to get through the entire 2020 bundle, but I prioritised the topics that were of immediate interest first before looking through the rest.

What do I do after I purchase the bundle?

After you purchase the bundle you will be given a login into your Ultimate Bundles dashboard.

To access your toolkit go to the Ultimate Bundles Login page.

You will have access to this page for 6 months. You can search through the resources by topic or type of resources. I strongly recommend going through and downloading everything first, and enrolling in all the eCourses. This will ensure that if you lose track of time, and the 6 months passes, you will still have access to all the products.

4 tips for making the most out of your Genius Blogger’s Toolkit

1. Slow down and avoid information overload: There is no need to create unnecessary pressure on yourself to go through every product in the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit. There is a lot of information and you should go through the ones that make the most sense for you and your blog.

2. Work out your goals and priorities: Hopefully you have already done this, but if not, then spend some time to write out your goals and action items for your blog (along with the order you want to achieve them in). As you explore the bundle,  look for topics and resources that will help you action the items on your list.

3. Create a task list and action plan: Following on from Step 2, make a list of the resources included in the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit that you would like to work through based on your blogging goals. Set goals and timeframes for each item based on what is realistic and achievable for you.

4. Implement what you learn: it is all well and good to learn what to do, but if you don’t implement as you learn, then you won’t see the results on your blog. Remember your goals and take the time to put what you learned into action. 

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