Would wonderful beaches, great sunsets, wild friends, endless cocktails, and fabulous food be enough to keep this relationship together?

Annette Joseph’s years in Italy revealed this truth: Italy, in all its multifaceted, glorious history and culture has to be experienced in full. Over almost three decades, Italy has fed, entertained, confused, excited, lured, promised, lied, satisfied, occasionally disappointed, and utterly enchanted her. She’s left, but can’t stay away—she’ll always return. Always. Just like a beloved partner…Italy Is My Boyfriend will take you through the journey of finding love, life, and a sense of home. While often times a lonely, challenging place, never once did the love for this special place waiver. See how one very determined lady finds her dream place in the Tuscan sun.

Title: Italy is My Boyfriend
Author: Annette Joseph
ISBN/ASIN: 1642935093
Published by: Permuted Press
Genres: Memoir, Non-Fiction, Guide Book
Pages: 272
Published Date: 23 July 2020
Good Reads Review Score: 3.63
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A heart warming and entertaining memoir of Annette’s lifelong love affair with Italy…

Annette Joseph is American, but has been visiting Italy since she was a child which continued with yearly family vacations with her husband and children. Even when her children stopped wanting to go on family vacations, the yearly visits continued until  one day Annette decided it was time to buy her own slice of Italy.

The search for a permanent second home leads to a crash course in the Italian way of life… a very different experience to the yearly visits! It is one thing to simply vacation in Italy, it is something else entirely to buy a home and live there part of the year!

Annette’s family seem to take her obsession with Italy in stride, and while they don’t quite seem to understand it, or have the same urge, they simply accept her love for Italia.

From buying their first apartment on the Italian Riviera, and learning the hard lesson that simply owning a home in Italy doesn’t automatically make you a local, to experiencing the joy of finally being accepted (years after that first purchase), Annette learns the truly eccentric and unique way that Italian’s interact with others. 

Along the way Annette’s career changes as she moves away from styling photoshoots for American magazines, to hosting photography workshops in Italy, which leads to the hunt for her second home in Italy – a house big enough to host classes in!

From the mis-adventures of hosting friends in Italy (everyone is a friend when you own your own holiday house!), to the nerve wracking experience of driving a tiny Fiat across the hills of northern Italy, navigating the unexpected pitfalls of property sales with laws never fully explained, Annette’s adventures in house hunting take her a lot longer then she expects – but the result is everything you could hope for.

This is a truly entertaining memoir that will take you on a journey of getting to know Annette’s second love along with her – Italy. 

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Italy is my boyfriend by Annette Joseph book review

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