The Best Travel Organizers for Jewellery

Most of us wear some form of jewellery, even if it is just a simple watch. Whether it is expensive or cheap, we still want to look after our jewellery pieces, so that they arrive with us in one piece and not in a tangled mess!

When it comes to organizing jewellery, there are so many different types of organizers available in the market. To choose the best travel organizer for jewellery, we need to keep some things in mind quality, price and size. Some come with moveable dividers, others are soft and easy to hide, while others are sturdy and will protect the more fragile items. 

Because of this I’ve put together a list of some of the different types of cases available, and the pros & cons for each:

The Jewellery Roll Organiser

This is a popular choice for travelling as once the roll is laid out flat (or hung up if it comes with a hanging hook) you can clearly see all the pieces in their individual compartments. Then when you are done, just roll it back up and it fits neatly into any available space in your bag due to its compact size.

The pros: depending on your personal style and preferences, this is a great option for small pieces or long flexible ones (think drop earrings, tennis style bracelets, long necklaces and watches with smaller faces).

The cons: anything extremely delicate will most like get dented, anything too big such as large hoop earrings and bangles won’t roll as neatly and will need more care when packing it into your bags.

The Travel Smart Jewellery Roll Bag is one of the most highly rated roll cases available on Amazon

The Leather (or Faux Leather) Jewellery Case

This is my preferred option. I have a large square one at home with a separate compartment that lifts out, and a small one a bit smaller than an A5 book for travelling.

The small one has a built in divider with holes for stud earrings, the lid has little movable hooks and an expandable pouch for necklaces, and the bottom has movable dividers to fit watches, rings, bracelets and larger earrings. It is very rare that I end up wearing every piece I take, but this little case ensures that each item arrives dent and tangle free!

Amazon have a number of small PU Leather Jewellery Cases in a number of styles and colours

Of course there are many size options for leather cases – small, large, flat, one compartment, 3 compartments, ones for watches only, ones with movable dividers etc. It really comes down to what jewellery do you own? and what do you wear on a daily basis? and most importantly – how much space do you have in your luggage?

The pros: solid, compact, will protect all items in the case. Can be placed at the bottom of your bag without concern of damage (and also makes it harder for sticky hands to find it!)

The cons: it is solid and depending on how big it is, it will not be easily wedged into gaps in your suitcase/backpack. They do weigh a bit more but honestly not that much if it is a small case. The built-in locks are also easily breakable (if this is a concern for you).

The Landici jewellery Box in PU leather 

The Vlando Viaggio Small Jewellery Case is a case with a twist – using a clever stack of ‘cups’ to store different items in a secure roll.

Soft Foldable Jewellery Cases

The happy middle ground – partly solid, partly soft, flexible and compact. Often similar in style to a glasses case with a pouch and several small compartments. These can be clear plastic, leather, suede, neoprene or any other fabric available.

The pros: Can separate larger items from small ones, is more compact making it easy to squeeze into small gaps in luggage.

The cons: does not separate items as effectively as some of the more solid cases. I have found that the pouch area tends to mix up and tangle earrings and necklaces. But that could just be the type of jewellery I wear though!

The ProCase Travel Jewellery Case Organizer Bag is soft, padded and has detachable dividers making it the most flexible option.

For Watches Only

For those that only wear watches is this sleek leather roll case with removeable cushions. If your watch faces are large, then simply remove the dividers and just keep the cushions… either way, the watches are secure. Ranging from a single watch to four, these cases are very sleek and stylish. 

Personal preferences regarding shape and material will make the decision for you…. there are rectangle cases closed with zips, or versions that look like sunglass cases with press stud closure. Both are equally as good, though the zippered closure may be more secure if that is your concern.

The Triple Tree Watch Roll has 3 watch slots with removable cushions. The upside is you can remove one of the cushions and use it for cuff links, necklaces, bracelets etc without damaging anything else in the case.

How to Pick the right jewellery case for you

I can’t say which is the best, as this is decision that is based on the style, quantity and size of your personal collection. I do admit though that the first time I went travelling I used an old Body Shop body butter container lined with tissues (it worked at the time!), but now that I am older (and hopefully a little bit wiser!), I have learned that sometimes it pays to spend a bit more on something that lasts and won’t crack if my suitcase falls on it… especially if you are travelling with more expensive or investment pieces.

I hope that this has helped give an idea as to some of the options out there, and helped you make a more informed choice as to what suits you. Please leave any comments or questions below and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have!


This post was last updated on Sunday 12th September, 2021

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How to Pick the Right Travel Jewellery Case for You
How to pick the best jewellery case for travel


  1. Hello, I really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. This is a really great stuff and I must say that my wife needs to get one of these or perhaps I will get one for her. It is in her nature to take along too much jewellery when going on trips, and some of the organizers on the list will be perfect for her. 

    • Gigi Reply

      Hi Benny, I’m glad you liked the article and hopefully there is something there that will help your help keep her jewellery tidy and organised the next time she travels!

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