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PacSafe Anti-Theft Bags - My Review of the best anti-theft travel bags

There are a number of brands that produce handbags, backpacks and luggage that are supposed to be theft proof. The original and (in my opinion) still the best is PacSafe®.

On my very first trip overseas (back in 2012) I purchased a cross body handbag from PacSafe® that had all sort of security features in it.  At the time the bags were pretty bland and not the prettiest to look at. But it did the job, nothing was stolen, and it fit a surprisingly large amount of stuff for a midsize bag. It also didn’t look like an anti-theft bag, more like a budget handbag.

Style has come a long way since then and now there is a much wider variety of colours, styles and sizes. There is also not a day that goes past that I don’t see some sort of advert on Instagram about the “latest” anti-theft bag.

But I thought, lets first look at the original brand that started it all: PacSafe®

A much newer version of the original Pacsafe Citysafe bag I once owned

Bags & Luggage

PacSafe® have an incredible variety of bags in a number of styles and colours. These include:

  • Backpacks (standard and sling versions)
  • Vertical Totes
  • Square cross body
  • Horizontal totes
  • mini cross body
  • Convertible backpacks, totes and cross body
  • Handbags
  • Laptop bags
  • Briefcases
  • Carry-on travel packs
  • Camera bags
  • Wheeled luggage
  • Duffel bags

I particularly love that each style has a convertible option, and there are even styles that could pass on an evening out or even for every day.

Pacsafe also have a collection made from recycled polyester which is not that much more expensive then the one made from ‘new’ materials.


Along with the range of bags, there are also the standard and not so standard accessories. Of course there are the strap extenders, ‘secret’ body pouches, RFID wallets, retractable cables, RFID sleeves (if you don’t want an extra wallet), waist wallets etc.

What makes this brand incredible is that they also have:

  • Travel jackets, hoodies, vests and pants with hidden RFID sleeves built in for men and women
  • Portable travel safe that rolls up when not in use
  • Water bottle pouch
  • Backpack protector (a type of mesh cover that fits over luggage)
  • Camera straps
  • Bra pouches

Pacsafe 55L Backpack and Bag Protector – It’s a cage but for your bag

Personally, I am really impressed by the range of clothing, they look like gym gear (think track pants and hoodies) but with the benefit of hidden compartments that would be fantastic for wearing during transit in air planes. The only colour available is grey or ‘heather charcoal’ which is a shame, but I’m sure in time there will be more colours as these look really comfortable.

Pacsafe’s transit pants & travel jacket – They look seriously comfy!

With regard to the travel safe, I also purchased that and since I was staying in hostels it certainly came in handy! I kept my rather large laptop (it was 2012!) plus spare cash and chargers inside it under my mattress, chained the bed frame.

It was a little heavier than expected but it fit everything and I never had to worry when I was out exploring. It is also came in handy tucked under my mattress at night when I stayed at some fairly dodgy hostels…

The Pacsafe Travelsafe 5L GII Portable Safe doesn’t look fancy, but it doesn’t need to. It does exactly the job it is supposed to!

Security Features

The primary security features on all Pacsafe® bags are:

  • Lock Down Technology: the ability to ‘lock’ your bag using their range of secure straps and locking cables.
    • Turn and Lock security hooks: the hooks have an added lock feature on the closing mechanism. You need to turn it to open/close. Making it much harder to simply unclip the hook.
    • PopNLock Security Clip: a buck that ‘pops’ and locks into place
    • Locking cable: an incredibly secure cable that can be looped around a bar/pole
  • RFIDSafe Technology: in a time when technology is growing by leaps and bounds, there is a simple way to protect any items with a chip in it (such as passports and credit/bank cards). RFID prevents anyone from ‘skimming’ personal data by lining all their bags with a special blocking material.
  • Smart Zipper Security: a series of clips and bars that help provide extra discrete security for your bags
    • Roobar: a lock point built into some Pacsafe bags to lock in the zipper tags and cables. This comes in different styles depending on the bag
    • Security clip: a clip similar to the Roobar, but designed to be clipped onto bags and provide a locking point for zippers and locks
    • Zip Tabs: a little secure tab sewn into the bags to tuck the zipper tag into. An extra step to make just a little harder to break into
    • ToughZip: The zippers are designed to be puncture resistant
    • Lockable zippers with a special loop that fits a small padlock
    • Zip Clips: additional zip pullers
  • Cut resistant technology: built in lightweight stainless wire to protect the contents of your bags
    • 360 eXomesh® locking system: think stainless steel cage for your bags which is lightweight and cut resistant
    • eXomesh® slashguards: stainless steel wire mesh built into the front of your bags to prevent cut & run theft
    • Carrysafe® straps: all straps come with wire reinforcement built into the length of the straps. Good luck to any thief trying to cut off your bag!

My Favourite Item

My new favourite has to be the Citysafe CX Anti-theft convertible backpack which also turns into a cross body handbag. Both look stylish and fit a generous amount of stuff inside.

I love the range of colours from black, tan, brown, dark blue, printed and purple with contrast lining. The bag fits up to 8L in backpack form (5.5kg as a cross body bag) and has a number of hidden pockets to keep everything organised. I know what I’m buying for my next trip!

PacSafe Women’s Citysafe CX Anti Theft Convertible Backpack in Violet – Converts to a crossbody bag

Do I recommend Pacsafe?

As someone who has owned and used products from PacSafe in the past, I strongly recommend Pacsafe for its incredible range of anti-theft products that are both innovative and useful. When travelling I try not to advertise that I’m a tourist and the bags & accessories we wear are usually the first giveaway.

The security features included in the entire range are discreet and light, so you are not advertising to every pick pocket that you have something of value. There is a style to suit anyone, and I love that they have a collection that is made from recycled polyester (eco friendly goals!) as well as a collection that converts from backpack to cross body bags.

Pacsafe have been around since 1998, so they have over 20 years of solid experience behind them and multiple design awards. There is absolutely no reason not to give them a try.


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My review of the best anti-theft travel bags by PacSafe
My review of the best anti-theft travel bags by PacSafe


  1. Thank you for taking your time to research and talk about this great luxury, I used to know Pacsafe bags to actual not come fashionable but they are essentially designed to protect and have good space to protect and accommodate as much luggage as possible. And good enough their cost is not that on the high side like you pointed out.
    Good to know now that they now have RFID enabled pants, vests, and hidden sleeves but I strongly hope this will not cause cancer of any form later in life.

    • Gigi Reply

      Hi, it is true that Pacsafe are designed to be practical, but it is good to see them experiment a bit more as well and still be reasonable in price. 

  2. In truth,pacsafe has really advanced a lot and I know they can only get better with time. Wow! Simply great is this. To me, I like their technological improvements and especially the fact that they prevent pickpocketing and all these minor problems for tourists. Wow! Thumbs up to you for sharing this here and I must confess that I like this a lot

  3. Hey, Your review on PacSafe is very useful to make a buying decision. While reading your article I found that PacSafe have an incredible variety of bags in a number of styles and colors. Due to its Security features I like them. Now I am making a plan to have my own Pacsafe anti theft bag. Now I know Pacsafe is over 20 years of solid experience behind them and multiple design awards. I hope everyone enjoyed like me.

    • Gigi Reply

      Hi Parveen, thank you for your comments. Pacsafe is definitely worth investing in. 

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