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Is Answer the Public the Best Content Strategy Tool?

Have you ever wondered what people search for online? What they are thinking when they start typing into Google or any other search engine? When you start typing into Google or Bing and it comes up with suggestions, it is because other people have searched for that phrase.

It is invaluable data and a gold mine for creating your content strategy.

Answer The Public brings all that data together into one place in real time. Just type in 1 or 2 words, pick your country and language and there you go.

How to use Answer The Public

The results are presented in categories, and then laid out in a mind map or search cloud format.

You can download the results in either a visual format or data, depending on your preference.

The data is broken up into 5 sections:

  • Questions (What, When, Who, Which, How, Can, Will, Where, Are, Why)
  • Prepositions (To, With, Is, Near, Can)
  • Comparisons
  • Alphabetical
  • Related
Answer The Public Visual mindmap

Why is this information valuable?

For people creating content, this type of direct information can save days if not weeks of research and planning. Whether you knew what your keyword was, or you are just brainstorming, Answer The Public has an answer for you.

Straight away I have 80 possible pages of content. Each which can then be expanded upon. Manually typing in possibilities into search engines and copying out the phrases could have given me similar results, but in significantly more time.

The results we get from using this tool will allow us to get to focus more on our target audience, narrow the keyword research to relevant phrases and answer questions that could end up in Google’s featured snippets.

Once we have this information, we can then use a tool like Jaaxy to investigate the words in the phrases and compare their SEO ranking.

While this won’t provide all your content ideas and strategies, it is an excellent starting point to help narrow your focus and gain valuable insight into your target audience.

How can You use Answer The Public?

Answer The Public is a useful tool for anyone trying to brainstorm or gain insight into their target market.

While the free access is helpful, and something I used many times before subscribing myself, it was limited in that I could only use it 3 times a day.

The paid plan (whether you go monthly ($99pm) or yearly ($948)) offers a greater range of insights:

  • Unlimited searches
  • Unlimited users
  • Compare data over time and track new suggestions
  • CSV export
  • Saved reports
  • Hide unwanted branches & suggestions (great for getting more focused results)
  • High res images (for presentations and meetings)

Try your first search here and see what you think:

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Is Answer the Public the best keyword research tool?

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